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‘The City of London shall have all its ancient liberties and free customs by land as well as by water…’    Magna Carta, clause 13.

To this day the City of London is assiduous in maintaining its ancient liberties (rights and privileges). The clause from Magna Carta that confirmed the City’s status is one of only 3 remaining in force, but what are these rights and privileges, and how are they exercised in modern times? The City of London Freeman’s Guide throws open the gates to the great and famous City of London, its many ancient and modern Livery Companies and the Freedom thereof.

About The City of London Freeman’s Guide

The City of London Freeman's Guide is a vital companion to the Freedom of the City of London as it is in modern times. Each year circa 1,800 people are admitted to the Freedom of the City of London, more than half of them coming by way of one of the City's 110 Livery Companies. This guide is a concise almanac to the customs, ceremonies, traditions, institutions, officers and landmarks of the City of London and its diverse Livery Companies as they are today. 

The guide signposts such annual events at The Lord Mayor's Show, The Trial of the Pyx, The Lion Sermon and the Ceremony of the Quit Rents. It also explores the modern role of the various trades, crafts and professions represented by the Livery Companies. The guide highlights the activities of the Livery Companies in charity, education, industry and fellowship, and their links to the Armed Forces, Royal Family, the Church and other institutions. 

Whether you are a prospective Freeman, a long standing member of a Livery Company or simply interested in the living history of the City, the guide will be your constant companion in a life-long journey of exploration and discovery in the great and famous City of London.

The guide has received many glowing testimonials, but that of The Lord Mayor eclipses them all:

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The guide may be purchased in full colour hardback format from:

Online from Amazon, or in person from HM College of Arms on Queen Victoria Street, Daunt Books on Cheapside, The City Information Centre in St Paul’s Churchyard, The Guildhall Library, The Guildhall Art Gallery, St Paul’s Cathedral Shop, The Museum of London, Vintners’ Hall (from reception) and IT Hall priced £15.00

The guide may also be purchased as an eBook from:

Payhip in ePub format (requires a Paypal Account), Apple in iBook format or Amazon in Kindle format priced £7.99

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Updates to eBook versions of The City of London Freeman’s Guide within an edition number are free to previous purchasers. To receive automatic free updates purchasers will need to configure their profile on Amazon or the Apple iBook store (i.e., the process of receiving free updates is driven by your account profile with those online bookstores and not by the publisher or author)

Trade orders

Enquiries for trade orders, bulk purchase or customised versions of the guide from Livery Companies and other institutions interested are most welcome. Please contact the Clerk to the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists ( to discuss your requirements.

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